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Recipe 30 Chef spotted wearing PARA’KITO

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Recipe 30 Chef spotted wearing PARA’KITO

We’re big fans of Joel Mielle, his recipes and his travel vlog. He shares his experiences while travelling, uncovering great new dishes and authentic cooking methods he learns along the way. It come as a wonderful surprise for us to see our favourite chef wearing our PARA’KITO Refillable Wristband during his recent travels in Sri Lanka. Though, given his wholesome approach to nutrition and health, we’re not surprised that he has chosen all-natural PARA’KITO to avoid mosquitos.

Joel is a trained French Chef who lives in Australia and is well known for ‘Recipe 30’. He travels the world in search of tasty dishes that he can recreate, maintaining the flavour while he simplifies the recipe so that anyone can enjoy them at home. His aim is for Recipe 30 to encourage people to bringing cooking back into the home, using natural ingredients and avoiding buying processed foods that are detrimental to our health.

If you would like to check out Recipe 30’s easy to follow, delicious recipes and Joel’s travel vlog click here.

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