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About Us

About Us

Why use PARA’KITO®?

Mosquito products currently fall into two categories: CHEMICAL and NATURAL. Which appeals to you more?

The ideal option is a NATURAL product that keeps a variety of biting insects away from you and your family. The products are long-lasting, waterproof and don't require constant re-application and are free of smelly, irritating chemicals that won’t cause skin reactions.

Protect your skin

There is no DEET or Alcohol in our products (both of which are known for their strong and unpleasant smell.), and you also avoid the reactions and toxicity that can occur with them. The PARA’KITO pellets do not come in contact with the skin, so the potential issues of irritation or skin penetration do not arise.

The PARA'KITO® Promise

PARA’KITO® bands & clips provide a masking effect against mosquitoes, around-the-clock for up to 15 days! As a single pellet will last for up to 15 days (you receive two pellets in a pack), PARA’KITO® is cost-effective when considering total mosquito protection time. The mixture of naturally sourced ingredients in PARA’KITO® produce a pleasant aroma.